The World's Smallest Nerf Gun Is Perfect For Sneak Attacks

Anna Green
Nerf / Nerf

Over the last few decades, phones, computers, and TVs have consistently gotten smaller, thinner, more streamlined. Now, toy gun manufacturer Nerf is getting in on the trend, releasing a blaster that can fit in your pocket, but which, according to the company [PDF], "doesn't compromise on power."

Perfect for sneak attacks and on-the-go battles, the N-Strike Elite Pocketstrike is about the same size as a smartphone. According to Gizmodo, the blaster is a single shooter that comes with two darts. That means, unless you’re a professional sharpshooter, it’s probably better for attacks on unarmed opponents than full-on showdowns. 

The Pocketstrike is part of a full line of Nerf N-Strike Products being released in the fall, which include a range of battery-powered and glow-in-the-dark blasters as well as a bow-and-arrow inspired “Stratobow.” The Pocketstrike will retail for $7.99.

[h/t Gizmodo]