Craftsman Recreates Settlers of Catan Out of a Single Piece of Lumber


No matter how much you love the version of Settlers of Catan you have at home, Aaron Day's handcrafted version likely has it beat.

As part of last year's Summers Woodworking's Two-by-Four Challenge in New Mexico, the craftsman chose to use his plank of wood to recreate the classic board game from scratch. Every component is made from wood, right down to the resource and development cards which he made by ironing a bucket's worth of wood shavings and gluing them together. From there he used the remainder of the two-by-four to carve out the dice, pieces, and terrain hexes that make up the board.

Day's woodworking expertise isn't limited to board games. He also crafts pens, barware, and utensils which he sells through his Etsy shop MakeCrazyDays. You can watch him assemble the game in the video above, and if you feel up for the challenge, you can find the instructions to make it yourself on

Banner/header images courtesy of make_crazydays via Instructables.

[h/t Gizmodo]