Feel the Bern with the Bernie Sanders Action Figure


After giving the world a Hillary Clinton action figure last year, the team at the Brooklyn-based design company FCTRY began to receive requests from friends and family members to do a follow-up figure for presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders. The designers obliged and, along with sculptor Mike Leavitt, created the action figure and launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for production. It has already surpassed its goal by over $30,000, and that number will continue to climb until the campaign ends in 33 days.

The interesting thing about FCTRY's campaign is the way the team plans to sell the Bernie action figure now that the project is funded. For each sale made, a dollar will be donated in support of the Bernie Sanders campaign (they have also been donating a dollar for each Hillary Clinton figure sold). "We're hoping our '$1 per toy' model can serve as an innovative, accessible model for grass-roots campaign finance reform," FCTRY states on the Kickstarter page. "What we've got in mind is not unlike what Tom's Shoes does, but for political campaigns... a way for small businesses and regular people to team up and take on a big issue."

A pledge of $20 guarantees you a Bernie figure, but the campaign also accepts $1 support pledges and considers them to be "a vote against Trump." For $5000, Mike Leavitt will actually turn you (or someone you love) into an action figure. Watch the campaign video above, and click through to Kickstarter for all the details.

Banner image via FCTRY on Kickstarter

[h/t Toy News]