Watch a Master Chef Create Sushi Out of Doughnuts

Andrew LaSane

Any dish titled "sushi" comes with certain expectations. For starters, most diners would assume that it includes rice and seafood. But they should change their expectations if they're being served by Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada. The chef has been breaking all the rules in a YouTube series called "Will It Sushi?" using everything from McDonald's Big Macs to lasagna in order to create non-traditional rolls. For the latest installment, Mashable reports, Terada took on a box of Dunkin Donuts as the wildcard ingredient.

Terada used jelly-filled, powdered, chocolate, and cruller doughnuts to add variety, slicing and chopping each piece as if they were standard sushi ingredients. The jelly and cream are removed during the process and return as the "roe" (fish eggs) on top of the sugary rolls.

The presentation is not as clean as real sushi, because the dough—even when rolled with a bamboo sushi mat—does not have the same properties as sticky rice. Check out the video above and judge for yourself.

[h/t Mashable]

Banner image via Hiroyuki Terada on YouTube