You Can Soon Nap on This Giant Snorlax Pillow

Rebecca OConnell
Bandai / Bandai

Ever have dreams about catching them all? Now, you can keep at least one Pokémon by your side while you snooze. An officially licensed version of the beloved Snorlax will soon be available for your napping pleasure, according to RocketNews24.

Bandai has created a large cushion that resembles everyone's favorite lazy Pokémon. The enormous Poké-pillow is 59 inches long; that means you can easily crawl on top of his belly in order to catch some Z's. When you're all rested, you can prop the Snorlax cushion up and turn it into a very tall stuffed animal.

Along with a product description, Bandai offers some words of caution

, according to RocketNews24: Don't recreate the show and place your stuffed animal in front of walkways or caves—there's no PokéFlute included to wake him up.

You can purchase the cushion for $460 on the company's site with shipping expected in August.

[h/t RocketNews24]