These Trained Dogs Became Unexpected Photographers

Rebecca OConnell
YouTube / YouTube

Dogs are often the subject of photos, but how often do they get the chance to step behind the camera? In honor of Smile Day on February 5, several Japanese dog food companies worked together to turn the tables on some unsuspecting dog owners, PetaPixel reports.

The group chose three dog-owning families and invited them to come to a studio for a family portrait. After interviewing the families about their beloved pooches, it was time for the picture. The families were surprised to find that their photographer was actually their own dog, who was secretly trained to take their picture by pressing a large red button on top of the camera. As the family posed, the canine photographer snapped some pictures (which, by the way, can't be copyrighted by the pups).

The resulting pictures were framed alongside some shots of the dogs who took the pictures. You can see the whole video, entitled “PhoDOGrapher”:

[h/t PetaPixel]