Barbie's Dream House Now Has Wi-Fi


Barbie’s Dream House is getting a technological upgrade. Until now, Barbie and her family have been living in the pre-Internet era, but toymaker Mattel is finally bringing the doll into the 21st century. The new Hello Barbie Dream House will have an elevator, customizable lights, a fireplace, a fridge, and, of course, be able to connect to an accompanying app via Wi-Fi.

The goal, according to The Atlantic, is to create a home that better reflects modern-day aspirations. While the Dream House of the past—with it spacious closets and sliding doors—reflected a distinctly 1960s middle class ideal, the new Dream House will mimic the Smart House of the future. 

Mattel first unveiled the updated Dream House at the International Toy Fair earlier this month. According to Mashable, kids can talk directly to the house, ordering it to perform household tasks like turning on the lights or operating the elevator. But kids can also interact with the house as part of their narrative of play. For instance, announcing it’s “time for school” prompts a recording of Barbie's voice and activates the shower. (It's not all fun and games—there's also a "Party Mode" for when Barbie and her friends want to dance.)

The Hello Barbie Dreamhouse will be released sometime this fall and retail for $299. Check out the demo from the International Toy Fair above.

[h/t The Atlantic]

Banner Image Credit: Techlicious, YouTube