Blog Catalogs the Beauty of Old Soviet Wallpaper

soviet innerness
soviet innerness / soviet innerness

After the fall of the Soviet Union, much of its infrastructure was just left to rot. The abandoned buildings have retained an eerie beauty that still draws many photographers. While some capture the large, decaying hospitals and government offices, others focus on the smaller details. Intrepid photographers Elena and Alessandro capture the quiet beauty of the peeling wallpaper and rotting wood of the former Eastern Bloc. They document their ghostly interior finds on their website, Soviet Innerness.

"Soviet Innerness tells about the places where wallpaper is torn and Pravda peeks out; where coats of paint layer, dilapidate, and eerie flowers blossom; where time stands still and the unheimlich is comfortable," they explain on their blog.

There's something to be said about once-colorful and cheery wallpaper. While no longer maintained, the cracking drywall and faded floral patterns picked up a new kind of charm. You can see the whole collection here, or like them on Facebook.

All images courtesy of Soviet Innerness.