Pac-Man Pint Glass Changes Colors With the Help of a Frosty Drink

Rebecca OConnell
oddity mall
oddity mall / oddity mall

At first glance, this Pac-Man-themed pint glass is already a pretty cool piece of novelty kitchenware, with white decals that show the classic arcade game with fruit, ghosts, and all. But when you pour in a beverage, the glass gets even better: The white becomes colorized and the game seems to come alive. The dots become yellow, the ghosts gain their traditional hues, and the borders turn blue. Even the fruit at the bottom turns bright shades of red and orange. 

As with most temperature-sensitive housewares, you have to be careful with the surface. Due to its delicate nature, it's not microwave or dishwasher-safe, but the charming design is enough to motivate some good old fashioned hand-washing work. 

[h/t Oddity Mall]