Now You Can Buy Pasta Made of Insects In France

Anna Green
iStock / iStock

Stephanie Richard thinks insects are the protein of the future. The French chef runs L'Atelier a Pates, a pasta shop that sells a range of homemade pastas, including several made from crickets and grasshoppers. Richard’s customers have embraced her strange insect pastas with such enthusiasm that she’s struggling to keep up with demand.

According to CTV News, Richard pulverizes crickets, grasshoppers, or a combination of the two insects to create a special flour, which she then mixes with normal pasta ingredients like eggs and wheat flour. She claims the insects add to the flavor of the pasta and turn it into high-protein cuisine. “It's protein of high quality that is well digested by the body,” Richards told CTV News. "People with iron or magnesium deficiencies will also eat these products.”

Richard says she produces around 880 pounds of pasta a week. Richard works part-time as a teacher, and her tiny homemade pasta shop currently has just one employee. But thanks to high demand for her cricket spaghetti, fusilli, and penne, Richard will soon be expanding her business and hiring a second employee.

[h/t CTV News]