The Bob’s Burgers Cookbook Features Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

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Longtime fans of Bob’s Burgers know that every episode features a pun-tastic burger special on the restaurant’s menu board. So if you've ever wanted to try a “Bleu is the Warmest Cheese Burger” or an “I Know Why the Cajun Burger Sings,” now’s your chance. On March 22, The Bob's Burgers Burger Book can be yours.

Written by the show’s creator, Loren Bouchard, and blogger Cole Bowden, the official cookbook is based on Bowden’s The Bob's Burger Experiment blog, which is dedicated to creating new recipes for every burger special featured on the series. The new cookbook features 75 original recipes from Bowden, with colorful illustrations from Bouchard.

Among the book’s recipes are the Texas Chainsaw Massa-Curd Burger from season five, which features a habanero-stuffed burger patty topped with cheese curds and tomato-ginger ketchup, and the National Pass-Thyme Burger from season three, a salt-, pepper-, and red paprika-seasoned turkey burger “presented on a bed of spring mix lettuce and topped with a thick red tomato and a bright white thyme, mint, and dill-flavored chèvre spread."

The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers is available for pre-order on Amazon now.

[h/t The Daily Meal]