Fall Asleep by the Glow of This Pizza Night Light

kikkerland / amazon
kikkerland / amazon / kikkerland / amazon

Is there anything more comforting than a slice of pizza? This night light, created by Brooklyn-based designer Steph Mantis, resembles a classic slice on a paper plate. The familiar image is sure to soothe any pizza lover into a peaceful sleep—albeit make them a little hungry. The glowing slice comes with a 7W lightbulb, so you can plug it in right away. It's sure to keep away the monsters, but it may attract some Internet sensations. You can get yourself a light-up slice right here for $6.

For more pizza-themed creations, visit Mantis's site. The designer offers up shirts listing common toppings as well as "Ninja Throwing Slices," which are slices preserved in lucite.

[h/t Neatorama]