Watch the House From 'Up' Take Flight as an RC Plane


The team behind the YouTube channel Flite Test have made, flown, and smashed dozens of cool RC flyers over the past five years, including a massive Star Wars Star Destroyer and a plane with ten wings, but there is one project featured in a recent video that is more adorable and relatively easier to make at home than the rest. Grabbing papercraft plans from the Disney website, the pilots reused a pair of motors from a previous Star Wars vehicle build and added helium balloons to create a steerable micro plane out of the house from the beloved Pixar classic Up.

The house is not the focus of the entire video (which you can watch below), but the builders do give a general overview of how it was made and demonstrate how the controls work. "When you apply power it pitches up a little bit," Peter from Flite Test said. "The house climbs because this thing is slightly negative buoyant, so it sinks." In the clip, Peter launches the micro plane indoors and flies it around their workspace before taking it outdoors. When the motors are not running, the helium balloons keep the house from dropping rapidly to the ground. To build this at home, you'll need to find motors and a flight controller that will fit the paper house, but those should be easy to find on the Internet.

Watch the Flite Test episode on micro planes below (discussion of the Up house starts just after the seven minute mark), and subscribe to the channel for more cool RC projects.

Banner image via Flite Test on YouTube

[h/t Gizmodo