Meet Marcia and Her Seeing-Eye Goat (and Best Friend) Maurice


What’s more endearing than a little goat that has been blind since birth? How about a companion goat that's by her side all day and night to help her navigate the farm? Mashable recently shared the above video from a place called Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York, where Marcia, the blind goat, and her best friend Maurice spend their days playing and breaking hearts.

“Marcia is blind—a congenital issue, so not one that we would be able to fix,” Farm Sanctuary writes on the Tumblr blog devoted to its animals. “She had been rejected by her mother, and had also had a twin sister who had passed away shortly after being born. If not for a caring rescuer, Marcia would not have survived long.”

The sanctuary searched for a friend for Marcia for "many weeks" before they found Maurice, a 6-week-old male goat. The two bonded immediately. “As soon as he came in they started crying to each other and wanting to be with each other,” a staff member at the sanctuary said in the video. “They eat right next to each other, they sleep right next to each other, they refuse to be any farther away from each other than they have to be.”

Farm Sanctuary has been adopting and caring for animals for the past 30 years and has two other locations in California. To learn more about the organization and to plan a tour to meet Marcia, Maurice, and some of the other animals at the New York location, check out the website here.

[h/t Mashable]

Banner image via Farm Sanctuary on YouTube