Watch This Truck Assemble a Tunnel From LEGO-Like Bricks


Constructing a serviceable tunnel can be costly and time-consuming, but this innovative truck uses technology inspired by a zipper to build a quarter-mile tunnel in under 24 hours.

The "zipper truck" was custom-built by Lock-Block Ltd. to work with their signature Lock-Block units. When assembled into an arch, the LEGO-like interlocking bricks support each other without the need for an adhesive by distributing compression throughout the entire structure. To fit them together, the shape of the tunnel is built around the back of the truck. According to Inhabitat, the zipper truck is outfitted with an arched rig of rollers that's lower in the back end and higher in the front. As the truck moves forward, the bricks fall into place and essentially "zip" together.

Free-standing tunnels aren't the only structures that can be created using this speedy method. Highway underpasses, storm shelters, wine cellars, and archways all have the potential to be assembled via zipper truck. And once a structure is no longer needed, the Lock-Block bricks can be taken apart and reused in future projects. You can check out the truck in action in the video above.

[h/t Inhabitat]

Header/banner image courtesy of Lock-Block Ltd. via YouTube.