Watch Nature Transform Itself in This Mesmerizing Stop-Motion Video


Artist Paul Johnson makes unique stop-motion video art using the natural world as his stage. Calling himself a “landthropologist,” the Minnesota-based graphic designer uses materials like plants, rocks, and ice to create intricate, moving geometric shapes. With the landscape of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area as his backdrop, Johnson builds ephemeral works of art—rock and snow patterns that slide into place seemingly of their own volition, and then, just as quickly, disperse.

According to This Is Colossal, Johnson draws influence from earthwork artists like Andy Goldsworthy and Jim Denevan. Johnson spends hours on each of his stop-motion experiments, arranging each animation shot by shot. He then posts them on his Instagram along with still photos of his work. In “Landthropologic, Earthworks in Motion,” Johnson has compiled a collection of his most impressive pieces and set them to music. Check out the mesmerizing video above.

[h/t This Is Colossal]

Banner Image Credit: Paul Johnson, Vimeo