This 3D Cartoon Wants To Teach Kids About Saving The Planet

Anna Green

Soon Captain Planet might not be the only environmental superhero. A group of Nashville-based animators are currently developing, and raising funds for, a brand new children’s cartoon about saving the environment. Called Planet Blue, the 3D CGI cartoon aims to entertain and educate, using humor and adventure to teach kids about pollution and other environmental perils, as well as how to take action. 

According to Inhabitat, the show will follow the adventures of characters named Planet Blue and Sunny Sun as they encounter different environmental issues. As in Captain Planet, a group of children called the Planet Blue Savers will help Planet Blue solve different problems. 

The show's creators are currently raising money for Planet Blue on Kickstarter. Their creative team includes several Tony and Emmy award winners, veteran animators, and environmental activists. According to the Planet Blue Kickstarter, “The show’s focus will be on solving environmental problems by making positive changes while creating productive and respectful dialogue with others.” Check out the trailer above.

[h/t Inhabitat]

Banner Image Credit: Arrow Sky Media, Vimeo