Find Out the Cost of Your Favorite Movie Road Trips

Ebates / Ebates

Road trips are a large part of the American mythos—thanks, in large part, to movies. From Easy Rider (1969) to the Britney Spears classic, Crossroads (2002), the allure of the open road beckons us all, but what are the logistics of these journeys of tomfoolery, self-discovery, and escape?

The folks at Ebates have calculated a few statistics surrounding classic road trip movies and mapped them in an infographic (below). The team tackled everything from distance traveled, to gas costs, vehicle efficiency and “surprise costs” like Harold and Kumar’s fast food tab. The financial analysis proves that the open road comes at a cost, and makes you appreciate Clark Griswold’s commitment to that Wally World trip in the National Lampoon series (all 2395 miles of it).

Courtesy of Ebates