Apple Can Now Help Solve Your Tech Issues On Twitter

Rebecca OConnell
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Not every iProblem requires a trip to the Apple Genius Bar. If you don't want to wade through forum discussions or brave the Apple subreddit to figure out why your texts aren't sending or your Macbook is showing a cryptic gray screen, you're now in luck: Apple just rolled out an even more convenient way to solve your tech-related struggles. Their new Twitter account, @AppleSupport, is now ready to answer your pressing questions.

Simply tweet at the helpful account and an expert at Apple will respond. In the first few hours it's been live, @AppleSupport has fielded concerns about storage space, mysterious black iPhone screens, and an uncooperative Siri. Besides the Q&A feature, the account also tweets out fun tips and tricks for using various apps and products.

[h/t Engadget]