A Device That Turns Sticks of Butter Into Butter Spray

Andrew LaSane

Waiting for butter to reach room temperature can be tedious. The creators of the biēm Butter Sprayer—a device that turns butter into an even mist without melting the entire stick—hope to provide a better option. Inventor Doug Foreman recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for the kitchen tool, which met (and exceeded) its $42,000 goal in the first 36 hours.

According to Gizmodo, the device's internal motion sensor triggers the heating system, which then melts the butter at 95 degrees. The biēm uses heat and air to melt and spray the butter, not chemical propellants like other butter sprays. Foreman and a team of engineers spent two years researching and designing the device, the inventor explains in the video above, with features that include a "patent-pending nozzle that won't clog" and a rechargeable battery.

The biēm is still in production phase, but Foreman writes that the final version of the sprayer will be a combination of stainless steel and non-smudge silicone. For $99, you can pre-order your own biēm and contribute to the crowdfunding campaign. Check out the video above to learn more.

Banner image via Kickstarter.

[h/t Gizmodo]