Be Honest: Do You Know What a Potato Plant Looks Like?

Caitlin Schneider

We tend to take our food for granted. It's not just that we don't always appreciate the journey from tree to fruit basket, but sometimes, we might not even know if there was ever a tree at all.

The How Does It Grow series (distributed by PBS) aims to change that, showing viewers exactly how different foods come out of the ground. They’ve gotten to the root of everything from cranberries to apples to asparagus, and, in the most recent installment, turn an eye toward the humble potato. In the video, host Nicole Cotroneo Jolly says that the vegetable is the fourth-most farmed crop on the planet and America’s favorite by far, though we most often eat them in processed form.

In addition to showing how the plant is seeded (farmers actually plant the tuber itself, not the seed), Jolly offers a recipe that maximizes the potato’s moisture and nutrients. It’s a far cry from that bag of potato chips, but does involve a stress-relieving exercise. Check it out above.

Banner image via How Does It Grow // YouTube.