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Amazon Echo Adds Batman Choose-Your-Own Adventure Game

Rudie Obias
Warner Bros.,Youtube // Getty Images
Warner Bros.,Youtube // Getty Images / Warner Bros.,Youtube // Getty Images

After 77 years of Batman comics, movies, and television shows in which the audience was but an observer, fans will finally get to take a crack at solving the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. Amazon, in partnership with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, has created a choose-your-own-adventure audio game called “The Wayne Investigation” as a tie-in for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Using Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV with the Alexa voice assistant, the game starts just a few days after the Waynes' murder and turns the user into the Gotham Police Department’s lead detective on the case.

According to Variety, Alexa guides players through the interactive adventure as they visit different rooms searching for clues and questioning characters. Players have 37 decisions to make, and game play can last anywhere from five to 40 minutes. At the end, players are asked if they want show times to Batman v Superman at their local movie theater.

To launch the game, go to “skills” in the Alexa app on your smartphone and say, “Alexa, open The Wayne Investigation.” The game is now available for Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV with Alexa users.

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