Say Goodbye To Mealtime Woes With This Cookbook Designed For Singles

Shaunacy Ferro
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More Americans are living alone than ever before. As of 2013, 27 percent of the population lives by themselves, and in some neighborhoods in urban areas like Washington D.C., two-thirds of residents have eschewed roommates and live-in lovers for the joys of the single life. There are lots of upsides to living alone, including the freedom to pee with the bathroom door open whenever you please. There is one notable drawback, however: It’s a total pain to cook for just one person. 

Writer and chef Klancy Miller is trying to make it easier to make normal portions for just one person without sacrificing culinary flair. Her forthcoming cookbook, Cooking Solo: The Joy of Cooking for Yourself, is designed for self-sufficient singles. Her 100 recipes don’t require performing mathematics to cut down the number of servings in a recipe or adjusting cooking times, and they won’t fill your fridge with leftovers you’ll never eat. 

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Reclaim the art of eating by yourself and ditch the boring pasta and microwave dinners for recipes that are specifically designed with you in mind—ones that not only accommodate the solo eater, but exalt the joys of cooking for one.

The cookbook, coming out on March 8, is available for $14.