Tidy Up With This 'Mop Dog' Cleaning Tool

Michele Debczak
Felissimo / Felissimo

It's easy to mistake the body of a sleeping Komondor for an oversized mop. Unlike actual mops, the breed isn't made for cleaning up messes (their heavy, corded coats take several days to dry). Instead, you'll want to reach for one of these miniature, polyester versions from Felissimo.

The Japanese retailer is currently selling toy mop dogs that function as actual mops, Rocket News 24 reports. To use the product, owners can slide the dog mop over the handle of the mop they keep at home. Then, all they have to do is take Fido for a "walk" over their dirty tiled or hardwood floors in order to clean up messes. They even come with a brightly colored collar that snaps around the dog's shaggy neck.

Felissimo has released the dog mops in three colors: black, brown, and white. You can order them from their online store for around $26 each.

Images courtesy of Felissimo. 

[h/t Rocket News 24]