Fidgeting In This Chair Will Charge Your Phone

Anna Green

For those with restless legs, there’s now a chair that will convert your excess energy into power for your phone. Called MOOV, the chair has piezoelectric crystals under its seat cushion that produce an electric charge when compressed. Just by standing up or sitting down, rocking back and forth, or fidgeting in their seats, users can gradually generate enough energy to charge their devices, Design Boom reports.

The chair is the creation of Dutch designer Nathalie Teugels, who wanted to find a useful outlet for her own nervous energy. “'Sit still' was something that I heard a lot during my childhood,” she told Design Boom. “Because of this, I wanted to design something where my energy could get used in a positive way. Therefore, I created a chair where I cannot sit still and where moving is a must.”

The MOOV chair is not yet available to purchase, but Teugels has created a working prototype. With a small USB outlet in its armrest and a hidden battery that collects energy even when your phone isn’t plugged in, the chair is surprisingly sleek and lightweight. Check out the video above to see it in action, and check out Teugels’s website for more photos of her work.

[h/t Design Boom]

Banner Image Credit: RAHVICE, Vimeo