A Massive Bouncy Castle for Grownups Opened in London

Michele Debczak
PR Newswire
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Just because you're not as energetic and agile as you were when you were a kid doesn't mean you can't still act like one. This newly opened bouncy castle at London's Tower Bridge is accessible exclusively to adults looking to indulge their inner child, Metro reports.

"Bouncingham Palace" towers 23 feet above the ground and comes equipped with a few special features that were likely missing from the moon bounces of your youth. The castle serves as a promotion for the launch of Candy Crush Jelly Saga, and jumping on certain squares triggers bursts of raspberry-jelly scents along with sounds from the mobile game. Keeping with Candy Crush's competitive spirit, visitors to the bouncy castle will also be able to play for the chance to win prizes for best bouncing. 

Like the massive adult ball pit that opened in Washington D.C. last year, Bouncingham Palace follows a recent trend of play places for grownups. And like that installment, this giant bouncy castle is only open for a limited time. Children-at-heart have until March 5 to head down to Tower Bridge and relive the good old days. 

[h/t Metro]