Introducing The Grown-Up Tree House of Your Dreams

Aibek Almassov
Aibek Almassov / Aibek Almassov

A livable, fully functioning tree house is the ultimate dream home for romantics and nature lovers alike, but executing the fantasy is a lot harder than conceiving it. This is what makes Aibek Almasov’s modern Tree in the House design a totally remarkable feat.

The Kazakh architect of A.Masow Design Studio has created a home that is centered around a full-grown tree, with a cylindrical glass structure subbing in for the traditional four walls and a roof. The design might not offer much in the way of privacy, but it does make for a stunning, 360-degree forest viewing experience. A spiral staircase in the center takes inhabitants to four circular floors, complete with a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

A version of the home was built just outside Almaty, Kazakhstan last year. The project was completed in just five months and cost roughly £240,000 (about $341,398). It has already left an impression—Almasov told The Daily Mail that the firm has fielded a handful of other requests for similar builds.

In describing the concept, Almasov told the paper, “The project aims to offer an alternative to bustling city life and stifling urban structures by fusing a protective house and a natural environment without creating a visual separation.”

With no access to electricity, FastCoExist reports that Almasov had planned to use renewable energy sources like a geothermal heat pump and solar coating on the glass for power.

As for the health and conservation of the home’s key design element, Almasov told FastCoExist that ventilation and a continued exposure to light and water would keep the tree healthy. He also added, "It’s better than cutting down dozens of trees in order to build a wooden house."

Images courtesy of Aibek Almassov.

[h/t Visual News]