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The Weird Week in Review

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Reptile Relocation And Awareness via Facebook
Reptile Relocation And Awareness via Facebook / Reptile Relocation And Awareness via Facebook

Python Ate Teddy Bear

Snake catcher Tony Harrison of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, noticed an unusual bulge in one of his pythons and rushed the snake to a veterinary clinic. Dr. Matt Hollindale confirmed by x-ray that the python had eaten a plush toy, specifically a purple teddy bear. Hollindale performed surgery on the snake, the first in his 16-year career, and extracted the teddy bear. Harrison said that if a dog had played with the bear, the snake might have mistaken the scent for that of prey. The snake, now named Lucky, got 15 stitches and is expected to recover completely. The bear was put through the laundry and was returned to its owner. The surgery was recorded in photographs you can see at Facebook.

Girl Blows Nose, Safety Pin Comes Out

The reason for her mystery illness came to light six months after the fact. Five-year-old Khloe Russell of Hemet, California, developed a runny nose that smelled awful. Khloe's mother Katelyn Powell took her to three different doctors who diagnosed a sinus infection and gave her antibiotics, which didn’t help. The family even consulted a dentist. The reason for her problems was revealed last week when her uncle had her blow her nose again.

"My brother was like, 'Your nose, it's disgusting. Blow your nose, blow your nose.' And she blows it and out comes the safety pin," said Powell. Black and disintegrating -- the safety pin was measured about 1.5 inches long. "It was a huge object. It was bigger than her nose," said Powell. "We were horrified. I was like, 'Did you put this up there?' She did, but she forgot to tell me."

Katelyn Powell clarified the story in a comment at another news report.

Hey guys I'm the mom of this little girl and just so everyone knows, we did blow her nose constantly! She also wasn't building a castle out of safety pins that part of the story was added! She found a safety pin and being a kid wanted to stick it up there to see how far it would go and thought she dropped it not realizing it had lodged itself in her nose.

Khloe is feeling much better now that the source of her trouble has been eliminated.

Michael Jackson Arrested for Glove Theft

A man named Michael Jackson has been charged with theft for shoplifting a pair of gloves in St. Louis. Prosecutors say that the 33-year-old Jackson took a pair of gloves from a Neiman-Marcus store and was apprehended outside. The smooth criminal is a repeat offender: he pleaded guilty to theft in 2008 and 2009.

Cardboard License Plate Fools No One

Amanda Schweickert was pulled over by Erie County Sheriff’s deputies in Springville, New York. They were puzzled by the way her license plate looked. A closer inspection revealed that it was made of cardboard, and painted to look like a regular New York plate. Her car also had no front plate. The charge is possessing a forged instrument, which is a felony. Schweickert also faces charges of driving with a suspended registration, plus three other driving offenses.

Police Seek Serial Cat-Shaver

A vandal with a curious habit has struck again in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, UK. Mandy Felton and John Kerry reported that their cats, Beau and Treacle, and another cat, came home with patches shaved in their fur!

“This is the fourth time it has happened now,” he said. “It’s ridiculous. Who would go around doing this kind of thing? “I’m sure it’s taking a real toll on the cat now, the poor thing must be traumatised. I’m surprised she still wants to go outside.”

The cat-shaving incidents have been reported for weeks now. Felton’s daughter, who lives nearby, has a cat that was also targeted in a previous incident, as well as two other residents of the same area. The victims believe the shaving was all done by one person, who could be charged with animal cruelty—if he is ever caught.

Sea Lion Steals Fish, Fisherman Impaled

According to wildlife troopers in Sitka, Alaska, a fisherman was injured in an encounter Thursday with a sea lion. The unnamed fisherman was cleaning a 70-pound halibut at Sealing Cove Harbor when a sea lion jumped onto the dock and took “the majority of the fish” away. The fisherman stepped back to avoid the aggressive animal and stepped on a gaff hook, impaling his foot. There is no word as to whether the man sought medical treatment.