Domino's in Ukraine is Now Selling Actual Pie

Michele Debczak
Domino's Ukraine
Domino's Ukraine / Domino's Ukraine

For decades, Domino's has specialized in pies of the pizza variety. Now, customers in Ukraine will also have the chance to taste Domino's pizza crust in the form of an actual pie, Mashable reports. 

The new offering from Ukrainian franchises is simply called "Domino's Pies." The pies look something like a normal pizza with their circular shape and thick crust, but they're filled with traditionally sweet ingredients and overlaid with a lattice top. The pies come in four different varieties: cherry, apple, cottage cheese, and poppy seed. 

This isn't the pizza chain's first foray into selling unusual menu items abroad. In 2013, Domino's rolled out a hot dog-and-mustard-stuffed crust pizza for a limited time in the UK. The item was such a success that it was brought back a few years later. It's still too early to say whether "Domino's Pies" will be met with that same level of popularity. Ukrainian Domino's patrons can purchase a whole pie for around $5.50. 

Images courtesy of Domino's Ukraine.

[h/t Mashable]