Garble Along With Mugs Adorned With Misunderstood Song Lyrics

All images courtesy Meriwether.
All images courtesy Meriwether. / All images courtesy Meriwether.

Anyone who's ever participated in a road-trip singalong or wailed next to a jukebox after three beers will probably appreciate Meriwether's line of glassware. 

The online store and gift shop, based in the Montana ski town of Whitefish, now offers stainless steel cups, emblazoned with what you may have thought were the words to your favorite songs.

All the classics are here: "Hold Me Closer Tony Danza," "There’s a Bathroom on the Right," "I’ve Got Two Chickens to Paralyze," "I Like Big Butts and a Can of Limes," and even "On a Dark Desert Highway, Cool Whip in My Hair."

"I think they have a lot of nostalgic value to people," Dan Brown, owner, graphic designer and creative director of Meriwether, tells mental_floss. He says he considered more than 50 sets of oft-mangled lyrics before settling on the 16 available.

"The songs had to be recognizable to anyone 18 to 80, and we had to laugh out loud seeing them on a mug," says Brown. Generally, songs from the ’70s and ’80s worked best.

By far, the bestseller has been "Hold Me Closer Tony Danza," leading Brown to add a complementary mug of mistaken "Tiny Dancer" lyrics, "Count the Head Lice on the Highway," as well as one inspired by Elton John: "She’s Got Electric Boobs and a Mole Hair Suit."

"There’s just something about Elton," he says. "He’s just mumbly."

You can buy the mugs here.

All images courtesy Meriwether.