This Watch Blends Analog Style With Smart Technology


Designer Igor Basargin has created what may be the world’s simplest smartwatch. Blending analog and "smart" technologies, Basargin and his company What Watch have developed a streamlined smartwatch that performs two basic functions: It tells time, and it keeps track of your schedule. 

An experiment in high-tech simplicity, the Calendar Watch was designed to eliminate the distractions caused by smart devices crowded with too many apps. According to Engadget, the watch is all about avoiding data overload. It syncs with the calendar app of your choice, and shows your schedule in 12 hour chunks on an e-ink display. It has analog hands and numbers, and for the most part, acts as a traditional analog watch, though it does vibrate and flash if you have a reminder set on your phone. 

What Watch is currently raising money for the Calendar Watch on Kickstarter. They’ve already exceeded their initial goal, but are still accepting watch pre-orders through their fundraising page. Check out the video above to see the watch in action, and visit Kickstarter to learn more.

[h/t Engadget]

Banner Image via Kickstarter, YouTube