The 10 Most Popular Cereals, Ranked by Fans

Taylor Berman
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The debate over which cereal really runs the breakfast table is timeless, but with National Cereal Day (March 7) just around the corner, Ranker set up a public poll to settle the arguments once and for all. The results: While many prefer the sugary classics of their childhood, a vocal minority crave the healthier, fiber-filled options, according to the poll of more than 1000 people. Nine of the top 10 spots belong to sweet treats (the sole exception, in 10th place, is Rice Krispies).

Other notable rankings include Raisin Bran at #14, Cheerios at #15, Corn Flakes at #25, and Grape-Nuts at #41. Still, there wasn't complete agreement among cereal fans. Younger voters and women put Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the top spot, as did cereal enthusiasts from the Midwest, Northeast, and abroad. And the least popular cereal in the world, according to the more than 88,000 votes cast, is Farina, a Cream of Wheat-like cereal that's been around since 1898.

Check out the top 10 below and visit Ranker for the full poll.

1. Frosted Flakes

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

3. Lucky Charms

4. Honey Nut Cheerios

5. Froot Loops

6. Cap'N Crunch

7. Apple Jacks

8. Fruity Pebbles

9. Cap'N Crunch Berries

10. Rice Krispies