This Clothing Line Is Specially Created for Wheelchair Users


With a little bit of expert tweaking, clothing can hang just as well on someone in a wheelchair as it does on the rack. Designer Izzy Camilleri has created a collection of garments that are tailored so they won’t bunch up, gape, or pucker while the wearer is seated all day.

FastCoExist recently featured Camilleri’s clothing line, IZ. It includes a range of pants, shirts, blouses, blazers, and dresses. They look like your standard off-the-rack offerings—with a few exceptions. For instance, one blazer for men has a cutout in the back, which allows the lapels to fall properly instead of bunching up on either side. Some pairs of pants and shorts have an extended waist so the backs won’t gape open while you’re perched in your chair. Other outfits are fitted with easy-access zippers, elastic waists, and other simple (yet brilliant) features that make dressing easier.

Adaptive fashion is currently having a moment. Although Camilleri started IZ in 2004 and it went online in 2009, Tommy Hilfiger recently partnered with nonprofit Runway of Dreams to launch the first-ever adaptive designer clothing collection for kids. The items feature modified closures, adjustability, and alternate options to get in and out of the garments. And just  like Camilleri's line, they’re stylish to boot. 

For more information on IZ, check out its website or watch the video above.

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