What It Feels Like to Read With Dyslexia

Shaunacy Ferro
Screenshot via GitHub
Screenshot via GitHub / Screenshot via GitHub

Dyslexia is one of the most well-recognized learning disabilities [PDF], affecting as many as one in five people. But while most people know that dyslexia makes it hard to read, they probably don't know what it's actually like to navigate the world as a dyslexic.

Swedish programmer Victor Widell created a website that simulates the experience of dyslexia, based on a friend’s description of her struggle. The letters on the site jump around, making reading possible, but incredibly difficult. Just decoding a basic description of dyslexia becomes a frustrating exercise.

Not everyone experiences dyslexia in the same way, and this simulation can’t encompass the wide breadth of the learning disability’s effects. But it does give people a hint of what those with dyslexia have to deal with on an everyday basis.

Experience it for yourself here.