This Smart Jump Rope Shows Your Count in LEDs

Shaunacy Ferro

Looking for a new way to keep track of every ounce of effort you exert while exercising? The Tangram Factory Smart Rope takes the mental calculation out of jump-roping by recording and displaying the stats of your workout in real time, Laughing Squid reports.

By connecting with the associated Smart Gym app via Bluetooth, the rope keeps track of the number of calories you’ve burned, how much time you’ve spent jumping, and just how many times you’ve leapt into the air in real time. LED lights flash your count in front of you as you jump, beaming your progress into the air—and ensuring you won't have to check your phone mid-workout.

The Tangram Factory Smart Rope also features a 36-hour battery life and comes in several different lengths. You can purchase your own for $90 here.

[h/t Laughing Squid]

All images via YouTube