Pantone Releases 112 New Graphics Colors


Designers and other creatives now have 112 new shades at their disposal, thanks to a recently released color palette from Pantone, PRW reports.

The new tones—which will bring the Pantone PLUS series up to 1867 colors—are a reflection of current trends across the design industry, according to a press release. The company surveyed hundreds of designers in print, web design, packaging, and graphics and found that participants wanted more blues, blushes, and neutrals as well as deeper reds, oranges, and browns.

"Publishing new colors, to me, is super exciting because it's like giving a gift," Product Manager Michele Nicholson says in the video above.

To help introduce the new options, Pantone partnered with designers Chip Kidd, Eddie Opara, and Jessica Walsh, and asked them to create a digital work using the 112 new hues. Each designer was also interviewed about their personal and professional connection to color for a series of videos posted to Pantone's YouTube page.

"It just literally gives you more options and it gives you more to think about," Chip Kelly explains in the video below. "New colors to me means new stories to tell and new ways to tell them."

Check out Pantone's Instagram for a look at its "New Colors, New Possibilities" campaign with Kidd, Opara, and Walsh, and learn more about the new options on Pantone's website.

[h/t PRW]

All images via Pantone