These Temporary Tattoos Smell Like Real Flowers

Andrew LaSane

Temporary tattoos are more than just party favors for small children. With appearances on the red carpet and the runway, and at a special pop-up parlor in New York City, Tattly's temporary ink has been taking the medium to the next level. The Brooklyn-based company creates aesthetically pleasing designs that are on par with those of permanent tattoos—without the pain and commitment. Now, according to PSFK, the company will be collaborating with French artist Vincent Jeannerot on a new set of beautiful floral designs with an added bonus: they smell like real flowers.

The collection, based on Jeannerot's watercolor paintings, will feature blue hydrangea, pink and purple peonies, and Rosa La France designs. Each image has a corresponding scent—including dewy fuchsia petals, pink poppies, ylang-ylang, and poplar wood—inspired by the art and created by Agilex Fragrances.

The Perennial Set will be in stores and online April 19. Check out the designs below and head to the Tattly website to see the other collections that are currently available.

Images via Tattly

[h/t PSFK]