This Tiny California Cottage is Airbnb's All-Time Most Popular Rental

Kitty Mrache via Airbnb
Kitty Mrache via Airbnb / Kitty Mrache via Airbnb

From a homemade igloo to a bedroom inspired by a van Gogh painting, Airbnb is home to some pretty out-there listings. But the rental that has remained the most popular on the site for seven years is this unassuming cabin tucked among the redwoods of California, The Guardian reports.

The "Mushroom Dome Cabin" first appeared on the vacation rental site back in 2009, less than a year after the company was founded. Owner Kitty Mrache, who runs the property with her husband Michael, began receiving reservation requests right off the bat. The Monterey Bay listing was so popular that it earned Kitty and Michael an exclusive invite to an Airbnb party for all-star hosts. Today, an 80 percent scale replica of the cottage is on display at the company's headquarters.

The 100-square-foot home is available to rent for only $115 a night, but guests looking to book their stay may have to wait a while. The Mushroom Dome Cabin only spent three nights unoccupied all of last year, and as of now it's booked solid for several months into the future. If you're looking for some place with a little more availability, Kitty and Michael also rent out a charming studio dubbed "The Hummingbird Haven Studio" on their property.

Images courtesy of Kitty Mrache via Airbnb.

[h/t The Guardian]