This Sofa Can Be Folded Into Any Shape

Rebecca OConnell
Luca Nelli
Luca Nelli / Luca Nelli

Behold the furniture of the future: A flat cushion that can be folded, wrapped, and positioned into any shape you want. The Blandito—designed by Oradaria Design—is a seat that transforms according to the needs of the user. With the help of special pull-ties, the cushion can become a chair, a bed, or, as Eater notes, a deliciously comfortable taco.

As the designers explain, the product comes from "a fabric stockist, a do-it-yourself shop, an ironmongery, a sewing machine, a hammer, 2 sprays, a garden hose, 2 foam sheets, 20 eyelets, 8 kg of polyester staple fiber, 4 tapestry wooden balls, 2 m of elastic cord, a lot of patience, fantasy, enthusiasm, and sleepless nights." The result is a fun cushion that is only limited to the imagination of the owner.

Only a limited number of Blanditos were made, and the product is currently sold out—but you can keep an eye on Oradaria Design's website in case they create a second run.

[h/t Eater]

Images courtesy of Luca Nelli