This Crowded School Lets Refugee Students Bring Chairs From Home

Michele Debczak

Jordan is home to over 635,000 Syrian refugees, many of whom are school-aged children. Even when schools are open to accepting refugee students, sometimes there just aren't enough seats to fit the number of kids looking to enroll. This was the case at the Khawla Bint Tha'alba Elementary School for Girls in the suburbs of Amman, Jordan, and according to Mashable, Principal Maha Salim Al-Ashqar came up with a simple solution: have students provide chairs of their own.

Today, Ms. Maha ensures that no young girl is denied an education at her institution as long as they have a place to sit. About 65 members of the student body of 356 are now young Syrians. According to UNICEF, children make up over 51 percent of the refugee population, which makes finding a place for them in a country's already strained education system a growing concern. Programs like the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) are currently working to provide extra training and support to schools like these that need it most. You can watch Principal Maha Salim Al-Ashqar's full story in the video from USAID above. 

Header/banner images via Mashable.

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