UK Mapmaker Transforms Infrared Butt Scan Into a Map

Andrew LaSane

If someone says that they can turn a scan of your butt into a work of art, they may actually be telling the truth. Imgur user and disabled veteran PaulChanel regularly takes pressure mapping tests of his butt in order to get fitted for his wheelchair's seat cushion. He liked a recent scan so much that he had it turned into an original map by an UK-based artist, Mashable reports.

PaulChanel sent his scan to David Atkinson, a mapmaker who runs Hand Made Maps. Then Atkinson used the image to sketch a map of a fantasy island named Gravelous Butticus, a reference to the model's nickname "Gravel." In the style of maps from the 16th and 17th centuries, the custom artwork features ships and mythical creatures in the waters around the butt island, and text that shows where places like North Cheek, South Cheek, and the Point of No Entry are located. The piece also includes details like an ornate compass and marked treasure sites.

Take a look at the masterpiece below.

Images via PaulChanel on Imgur

[h/t Mashable]