3DNes Lets You Play Nintendo Games in 3D (Sort Of)

Rebecca OConnell
YouTube / YouTube

The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) has stood the test of time. To this day, gamers frequently revisit the 33-year-old system's classic video games, whether it be on the console or an emulator. The great thing about emulators—besides the convenience of playing console games on a computer—is that you can alter how they're played. You can add ponies to Pokémon, or speed up Super Mario Sunshine. One new emulator called 3DNes makes the games look 3D, though probably not in the way you're imagining. Think less Super Mario Galaxy 2 and more like a paper diorama version of 3D. 

The program exploits the retro games' layering system. It identifies the layers and alters them based on shape and gradient. There's a number of videos on YouTube that show how it works on some of the more popular games. You can explore Mega Man or Super Mario Brothers 3 from a completely new angle that shows the platforms with real depth. The results aren't perfect—the game is a little buggy—but it's definitely effective visual software. 

You can try out the emulator here, but it will warn you that you need to run the program on Firefox for it to work. 

[h/t Geek]