Watch This Street Fighter Chalk Art Come To Life And Fight Its Creator


Professional chalk artist Chris Carlson is a master of illusion. His 3D stop-motion chalk animations seem to come to life the moment he finishes drawing. In the past, Carlson has created animations of everyone from Iron Man to Eric Clapton, but the illustrator seems to have met his match with his latest creation: a chalk illustration of Ryu from Street Fighter, who attacks the moment Carlson puts down his chalk.

The video above was released by the YouTube channel AWE me as a part of their artists series. It shows the amount of work that goes into one of Carlson’s drawings, from its initial sketch to the shading process that gives it depth. Carlson has created other chalk art animations for AWE me in the past—including more video games come-to-life—but his Street Fighter animation is certainly one of his most impressive yet. Check it out above.

[h/t Boing Boing]

Banner Image Credit: AWE me, YouTube