Google’s New “Destinations” Feature Makes Travel Planning Easy


There are any number of websites and apps that can help you book your next vacation, but Google wants to make it easier to plan the perfect trip in one simple search. With that goal in mind, the company has launched “Destinations,” its newest feature, which puts flight information, hotel prices, and destination activities in one convenient search on your Android or iOS device.

The service is already built into Google Search for mobile and boils down everything you need for easy travel planning. All you have to do is type in a location (say, Tokyo or Australia), add the word vacation or destination at the end of your search, and Google will do the rest. The service allows you to pinpoint your ideal travel logistics based on a number of factors, including budget and peak tourist times. Google Destinations also features an “explore” option that can give you information on activities such as hiking, surfing, and sightseeing based on your hobbies and interests once you get to your location—plus the local weather forecast (to make sure you're hiking, surfing, and/or sightseeing on the optimal day).

"Google sorts through billions of flight and hotel options so you don’t have to," the company explained. "See average flights and hotel prices at a glance across many cities; tap into a destination and get the best options for your needs and budget."

Destinations is available on Android and iOS devices through Google Search for 201 destinations worldwide.

[h/t Mashable]

Images courtesy Google/YouTube.