Scotland Is Seeking an Official 'Ambassadog'

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Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn. But since the horned beast is mythological, Scotland had to settle for a canine as its new travel mascot. According to Time, the country’s national tourism organization, VisitScotland, is seeking an official “Ambassadog” to represent the land of castles, lochs, and glens.

Scottish Terriers seem like the obvious choice, but the competition is open to dogs of all breeds, so long as they’re “outgoing, Scotland-loving, and well-trained.” They’re required to travel Scotland or the UK with their owners, who will post their adventures on social media. The “Ambassadog” and its human will also appear in Scotland’s tourism campaigns, which could include interviews or TV appearances. Another prerequisite? A “nose” for the nation’s best walks, events, and eateries.

The position isn’t paid, but perks include a three-night vacation and the chance to hobnob with celebrities at events. Six finalists will be selected and interviewed in Edinburgh by early May. (Sorry, only dogs currently residing in Scotland will be considered for the job.)

Interested in entering your own canine into the competition? The job application—which includes a 500-word essay and a snapshot or video of you and your dog—is due April 6, and is available online.

[h/t Time]