These Bags Repair Themselves When You Apply Body Heat

Kirstin Fawcett
Herschel / Herschel

Tired of lugging that hole-y backpack or duffel bag around? If you're looking to upgrade your gear, check out these Sealtech bags designed by Vancouver-based Herschel. The brand-new designs are sewn from a lightweight waterproof ripstop nylon, but what makes the fabric really remarkable, as Refinery 29 points out, is that it lets you reseal tiny holes using nothing but your body heat. 

According to TechCrunch, the secret lies in the fabric's grid of nylon threads—which are able to separate slightly when puncturedand a double-sided coating that reseals over the hole when you rub your hand on it. Herschel cofounder Jamie Cormack told Refinery29 that the bags were inspired by a combination coating that was used in the outdoor industry, but not in mainstream fashion. While it won't save your tote from major wear and tear, it will take care of pesky little punctures from pencils or other small items.

Herschel has made two bag styles—the Lawson backpack ($149) and the Sutton duffel ($99)—and plans to introduce more styles in 2017. Check the bags out below, and watch Refinery29's Ana Colon demonstrate how the very cool fabric works.

Lawson backpack

Sutton duffel

All photos courtesy of Herschel.

[h/t Refinery29]