Google Launches Automatic Outline Tool for Google Docs

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There are already plenty of incentives to use Google Docs: It saves your work automatically, makes remote collaboration simple, and is easily accessible on a range of devices. But now, Google has added another helpful feature to the Docs program—automatic outlines. According to Lifehacker, the company launched a new outlines tool yesterday, currently available on the Google web app and on all Android devices.

In the past, navigating lengthy Google Docs could be a bit of a hassle. There was no way to quickly browse the contents of a document or to find a specific passage, short of actually scrolling through the entire Doc. While it’s easy to quickly scan a few pages, browsing a book-length Google Doc was a perpetually frustrating task. Fortunately, Google’s new outline tool offers an easy solution to that problem, by collating headlines from your Doc in order to create an automatic table of contents.

According to Lifehacker, users can write their own headings or let Google automatically create them. Clicking on headings on the outline sidebar automatically navigates to that section of the document. Check out Google App Updates to learn more about outlines.

[h/t Lifehacker]