Celebrate Easter Like a Targaryen With This Giant Chocolate Dragon Egg

Rebecca OConnell

The long-awaited sixth season of Game of Thrones comes out April 24, but before that, there's Easter. As we all know, Easter is a time to gorge on chocolate, and HBO is pulling no punches on the sugar front this year. Just in time for the DVD release of the fifth season, a gigantic chocolate dragon egg is making a debut at Selfridges department store in London. 

HBO teamed up with the London-based chocolate shop Melt Chocolates to create a hyper-realistic chocolate replica of a dragon egg featured in Game of Thrones. While no dragons will be popping out, the glorious work of food art weighs a whopping 33 pounds and is 22 inches tall. The giant egg, which will be covered in detailed scales similar to the ones seen on the show, will be unveiled this Saturday. While you won't be able to sample the impressive creation, you can pick up a set of three miniature dragon eggs to eat in the safety of your own home. 

[h/t Hello Giggles]

Primary image courtesy of Twitter.