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The Weird Week in Review

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Marie Brace
Marie Brace / Marie Brace

Dog Drives Truck into Tree

A truck driver left his semi idling near a Kwik Trip convenience store in Mankato, Minnesota, last Friday afternoon and went inside to make a purchase. While he was in the store, his Labrador retriever knocked the truck into gear and it drove across the street, crashing into a tree and a parked car. Luckily, no one was hurt, including the dog. However, passerby Marie Brace snapped a priceless photo.

Cops Stop Car with Tree Wedged in Grill

Police in Roselle, Illinois, stopped a vehicle in January because of an unusual hood ornament. The car was driving down the street with an entire tree embedded in the front! The tree was about 15 feet tall. The tale came out this week when the Roselle Police Department posted photographs on their Facebook page. The driver, Maryann Christy, said she’d struck the tree somewhere in Schaumburg, a town just north of Roselle, but she didn’t remember exactly where. Christy was cited for driving under the influence.

Fire Hydrant Clogged with Fish

The Aylesford and District Volunteer Fire Department in Nova Scotia responded to a grass fire Tuesday. They hooked up their hoses to a nearby fire hydrant, but couldn’t get any water flowing. They checked for problems, then took the hydrant apart. They found fish. At least a dozen fish had been sucked from a pond into the hydrant and clogged the pipe. They had somehow gotten past the filter, and quite recently, too, as some of the fish were still alive. Those fish were returned to the pond. After the fish were cleared out, the firefighters were able to use the hydrant and extinguish the blaze. A further inspection of the hydrant system was ordered.  

Runaway Piglet Comforted by Friar

That’s a friar, not a fryer. A piglet on the lam ran through a San Francisco neighborhood, right by the Society of St. Francis' San Damiano Friary. As traffic stopped outside to avoid the pig, Brother Damien Joseph spring into action.

He described the pursuit as lasting around 15 or 20 minutes and including a suited businessman, a construction worker and even a fire department vehicle. The friary posted photos of the chaos' conclusion on their Facebook page later, writing: “A highlight was the young professionally dressed man on his cellphone: ‘I’m going to be late. I'm chasing a pig.’” Brother Damien credited a construction worker with catching the little female, which he guessed may be someone's pet.

The young pig was photographed in Brother Damien’s arms. Some involved in the incident noticed the piglet was lucky to be in the arms of a representative of St. Francis, the patron saint of animals. So far, no one has come forward to claim the piglet.

Taxi Driver Robbed in Front of Cop

Berks County sheriff's deputy pulled up behind a taxi in Reading, Pennsylvania, when the light turned green and the cab failed to move through an intersection. There was a good reason: the passenger had just pulled a gun on the taxi driver! The would-be robber was unaware that a police car was behind them on the street. The robber demanded money as Deputy Terry Ely approached the vehicle. Victor Martinez-Herrera was arrested as he tried to flee the vehicle. The entire incident was captured on the taxi’s security camera. Martinez-Herrera was jailed on charges of robbery and terroristic threatening.