New “Blockhead” Plug Makes Your MacBook Adapter Fit Anywhere

Rudie Obias
Ten One Design
Ten One Design / Ten One Design

While MacBooks were designed with power cables in mind, Apple includes a small—albeit cumbersome—power adapter for users who want to plug their computers directly into the wall. Which is great … unless the only available outlet is behind a bed or couch or some other space that doesn’t accommodate the adapter’s design. So Ten One Design has created a side-facing plug called the Blockhead, which features outlet prongs built at a 90-degree angle, forcing the MacBook charger to sit flush against a wall instead of awkwardly bulging out.

The angled plug works with any MacBook wall charger, and is designed to prevent the charger from falling to the floor from its own weight (another common complaint about the Apple adapter). The Blockhead can also be used for any iPad wall charger.

Ten One Design’s Blockhead won’t be available until April, but you can pre-order it now for $20.

[h/t Gizmodo]